Welcome to Järvenpää Lutheran Church


We offer worship, church ceremonies, confirmation classes for youth and adults, summer camps and various other activities. We seek to provide pastoral care and counseling for individuals and families.

The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church is not a state church but an established church to which the vast majority of the population belong, one which shares in the destiny of the Finnish people.







If you need help

In Järvenpää church you can find people who are willing to listen to you, and perhaps we can help to find solutions to your problems together.  If you are sad or lonely, you can come to talk with a diaconal worker or pastor.  Church workers and volunteer helpers also visit and assist people with restricted mobility due to old age, illness or disability.

All consultations with a pastor or diaconal worker or others are strictly confidential and free of charge.

The best way to find help is to contact Järvenpää parish office (tel. 09 271 941), and they will indicate the right person to talk to.

Pastors offer:

  • discussion,
  • spiritual and emotional support,
  • family and relationships counselling,
  • confession.

Diaconal workers offer:

  • discussion,
  • financial advice and material assistance,
  • help in dealing with the authorities and filling in forms,
  • family and relationship counselling,
  • emotional support.

Contact Diaconia office on mondays and thurstdays 10 am - 11 am telephone 050 571 1889.

Family Counselling Center offers couple and family therapy and counselling. 

Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Aino Luhtasela



040 688 6672

Hanne Lukkari



050 343 1906

Maria Puotiniemi



040 689 5299

Anu Sorjonen



040 538 7141



Arjen ihmeitä - voluntary work 

If you wish to help other people, time allowing, you can help with voluntary work. There are a variety of possibilities for acting as a volunteer in Järvenpää parish.
Contact us
Tarja Karhu
Tel.  +358 50 363 2466


Services of Worship

In Järvenpää the main parish service is held on Sundays at 10 a.m. in Järvenpää church.

Church services mediate the message regarding the meaning of life, eternity and the final destination of mankind. They also act as the instrument of God's blessing on the worshipper.

The worship service or mass is a shared parish celebration and is held every Sunday and feast day. The church service is a time when God nurtures our faith and serves us.

There are other services in a variety of styles available at other times and on other days: Taizé mass, quiet communion, international communion services. More information


Join our international team to plan and organize sunday service twice a year.

Anne Saarinen, telephone number 050 462 4068.

The International mass on the 22nd October 2023 at 10am in Järvenpää Church.